Our Favorite Materials

Our Favorite Materials

Polymer Clay - base material

Contrary to its name, polymer clay actually contains no real clay! It is in fact a type of plastic polymer based on the polymer PVC. The word "clay" in the name references the similarity to mineral clay in that small dry particles are added to a liquid until a moldable substance is formed, and then the substance is exposed to heat to harden. Once hardened however, the material remains flexible, durable, and waterproof. Although polymer clay is not food safe, it is non-toxic. Polymer clay does not contain wheat, gluten, dairy, sulfur, or latex.

Titanium - earring posts

Titanium is actually an element on the periodic table! It has a darker gray color than shiny metals like sterling silver, but is extremely strong and durable. Because it is a pure element it is nickel-free, which means it is safe for those with sensitivities to nickel. 

Argentium Silver - jump rings, ear wires, hoops

Argentium silver is a new tarnish-resistant type of sterling silver. Because it is resistant to tarnishing it is extremely low maintenance - just a quick wipe with a soft cloth will do the trick. Argentium silver is made up of recycled silver, copper, and germanium, and is always nickel-free, which means it is safe for those with sensitivities to nickel.

14K Gold-Filled - jump rings, necklace chains

Not to be confused with gold-plated, gold-filled metals are made up of a base metal, such as brass, that has been coated with a layer of 14K gold. This layer of gold is up to 100,000 times thicker than the layer of gold on gold-plated metals. 14K gold-filled metals are resistant to tarnishing, however if needed they can be cleaned with a polishing cloth. Gold-filled metals have no added nickel and are therefore safe for those with sensitivities to nickel.

Sterling Silver - necklace chains

Sterling silver is one of the most commonly used metals in jewelry making. Although it has a beautiful shine, it is sometimes prone to tarnishing. If needed, sterling silver can be cleaned with a polishing cloth. Sterling silver is made up of silver and copper and is always nickel-free, which means it is safe for those with sensitivities to nickel.

UV Resin - certain earrings

UV resin is a light-activated polymer that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light. The polymer starts as a viscous liquid that can be spread on top of cured polymer clay, but once it is exposed to UV light the resin hardens in just a few minutes. UV resin gives certain earrings a glossy shine, like the shoreline loops or the granite dangles! Although resin should be handled with care while it is being applied, once hardened the resin is completely safe.

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