Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

This time of year can be hard for those who love spending time in nature, with cold weather, snowy hiking trails, and short winter days. So a great gift for Valentine's Day is to bring the outdoors in! Here are a few gift ideas for every nature lover in your life.

A matching earring and necklace set is the perfect way to capture what your loved one loves most about nature! Whether it's hiking up mountains, staring up at the night sky, or simply spending time outdoors, they will be able to wear these styles for any occasion. These are just a few ideas of matching sets, but you can find all of our different nature motifs when you Shop by Theme.

Tiny studs are great for all ages, and creating your own 3-pack is even better! Choose any of our favorites, like Tiny Shell Studs, Tiny Mountain Studs, or Tiny Pine Tree Studs, and package them up into one thoughtful gift. Plus - you'll get a discount on the set!

If you are looking for ideas beyond jewelry, cufflinks and tie clips are a wonderful way to add nature-inspired details to an outfit! Our matching sets are available in 8 different patterns, ready to take you to the forest, the ocean, or even the night sky

When in doubt, a great place to start is with a bestselling design! These are our customers' favorite pieces across the board. For your loved one on Valentine's Day, try a Red Rock or Shoreline ring! Each features a sterling silver ring base inlaid with polymer clay - waterproof, durable, and perfect for everyday wear.


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