Studio Tour

Studio Tour

The studio got a huge clean and reorganization to start 2024 off on the right foot! Throughout the year so much extra equipment is accumulated - whether it's craft fair supplies, shipping supplies, or making supplies - and I like to take some time in the new year to reset and see how to maximize my small space. This year I'm trying out a new setup, switching my main making station from the seated desk to the standing area!

Every design starts with COLOR! Before I even can begin making, each custom color has to be mixed. I store my recipes as swatches for easy reference and I store the pre-mixed clay in containers, ready to be used when I need it. 

My main workspace is where all of the pieces come to life. I use a pasta machine to roll out the clay to the correct thickness, then I often use a clay cutter (or a homemade shape template) to cut out the right shapes. I add texture with detail tools, texture mats, or sandpaper, and use my everyday tools to slice and lift the clay.

After the pieces are created, they then need to be turned into wearable jewelry or accessories. I store all of my earring, ring, necklace, and barrette supplies in separate containers for easy access. I have an on-the-go container with supplies I might need at craft fairs - such as extra earring backs, extra jump rings, earring cards, alcohol wipes, and more. This cart also stores one of my favorite categories of supplies, the "things that come in handy!"

At my desk space is where all of the other tasks take place. Brainstorming new ideas, drawing prototypes, researching craft fairs, planning for shop updates, writing newsletters, tracking inventory, packing and shipping orders - as well as sanding and buffing baked clay and adding resin when used. These crucial steps take the clay from rough and untidy to smooth and clean.

All of my product photography and content creation is done right here in the studio as well! I use a DSLR Canon camera when I want to capture professional product photos, and I pair it with my standard adjustable tripod and handmade photography backdrops. For videography I'll rely on my iPhone, which I pair with an adjustable phone mount to capture behind-the-scenes footage of how designs are created. 

Thanks for visiting! Leave a comment below if you'd like to see more of what goes into creating a home studio.



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