Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

You know the feeling, right?

The feeling you get when you're out on a hike?

Or maybe you're walking along a beach at sunset, or visiting a new place, or exploring your own backyard.

The feeling that comes over you when you are fully immersed in nature and you look around and all of a sudden you want to quit your day job, sell your belongings, and go live in the wilderness.

You know that feeling? Well, that’s the feeling we want you to have when you wear Olim Clay Co. jewelry. “Olim” is a Latin word meaning “one day” or “once upon a time,” and it was selected in recognition of that one small moment during a hike or that one quick photograph of a beautiful lake that can change your life. It’s our hope to capture these moments so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Inspiration is everywhere

Some elements of nature, like mountains and oceans and glaciers, are so massive and phenomenal that it would be difficult to ignore their beauty. Others, like the peeling bark on a birch tree or the pile of pebbles on a rocky beach, are easily missed. But it is equally important to admire these tiny natural details and show our appreciation for them as well, because they are what matters when you really look closer and remember that every mountain is simply a pile of dirt, rocks, and trees. You may notice these details thoughtfully captured throughout certain Olim Clay Co. jewelry designs.

photography as inspiration

Now more than ever we are all well-aware of the fact that travel is a luxury. Beyond the cost or the scheduling concerns or the logistics, traveling is something we have not been able to do much of these days when we are unfortunately stuck in our homes. For this reason, outdoor photography has become the go-to way to escape to new places and explore new worlds. Whether it is our own personal photographs from past trips, or images from professional landscape photographers, these windows to unreachable places inspire much of the colors, shapes, and patterns found in Olim Clay Co. designs.

naming nature

The English language unfortunately falls flat when it comes to using beautiful words to describe beautiful things. That's why we have chosen to use Latin words to name our nature-themed jewelry! You'll see words like "imber", which means both a "rain shower" and a "shower of arrows", and "apricus", which means "having lots of sunshine", and "folia," which refers to both "leaves" and "petals". There is so much more meaning infused into these words that we hope will be infused into each jewelry design as well.


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